mixtape marketing founders Ben Steckbeck and Charlie Brown



Basics for Attendees

  • Free admission / 21+
  • Open to the public
  • No wristband/badge required
  • RSVP does not guarantee entry
  • Follow @mixtapeagency on Twitter for updates
  • Use #MakeFuzzyTracks in social mentions

Basics for Artists

  • Unofficial showcase
  • Backline NOT provided
  • Professional engineer and FOH sound provided, inclusive of: monitor wedges, mics, cabling and DIs
  • Venue capacity: 170
  • Raised stage, open to the street on two sides
  • Merch space available (your responsibility)


Who are we and why do we do this?
We’ve attended SXSW since the late 90s, first as students, then as young professionals and now as owners of a small marketing agency (mixtape marketing) here in Austin, TX. We’re huge music fans that always dreamed of throwing our own party. And we prioritized leveraging our connections and turning that dream into a reality, even before turning our first profit.
Why should you attend or play our party?
Because you believe that music parties should be about the music/artists, not corporations… that you shouldn’t have to buy a wristband or badge to have a great time… and that good people and tasty beverages make most things in life better. We’ve never tried to monetize our party (honest!) and have always focused solely on creating an experience you’ll enjoy, remember and revisit, year after year. We’d be humbled if you joined us.
How do we curate our lineups?
We’re always thinking about our next lineup. We play music in the office every day, go to lots of shows and maintain relationships with our artists and their reps. It’s a labor of love for us… and luck certainly plays a part, too. We have our dream list (hello, Radiohead) but tend to focus on deserving up-and-coming artists that we hope to help promote in our own small way. We don’t believe in filler — If they’re on the bill, they’re someone we genuinely can’t wait to see and share with you.
Why is the party called Make Fuzzy Tracks?
We co-presented our first four parties with Bearded Pony, an Austin-based app development company. In honor of that collaboration, the name is a playful twist on the idiom to “make tracks,” combining the texture of a beard (fuzzy) with the components of a mixtape (tracks). Besides, if things aren’t a little fuzzy after our party, you’re doing something wrong.